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More oobleck!

More oobleck!

Here are a few more students working together. If you would like to make oobleck it is simple and safe. Just mix 1 part water with 2 parts cornstarch. You might need to adjust it a bit-more water, more cornstarch so that it has a nice consistency. When you grab it, it should immediately become solid, open your hand and it will dissolve into a liquid. Have fun!



8th graders are seen here working with 2nd grade students. They were making oobleck, a “non-Newtonian” fluid that has the properties of both a solid and liquid.

A performance of Cinderella

Today the students were treated to a performance of Cinderella. The play was performed by 3 members of the Windy City players who made the students feel as if they were part of the show!

Students from grades 5 and 6 take part in dance class. It was a really great opportunity which they truly enjoyed.



8th graders experiment with electrical conductivity

Science Basketball

So…the 8th grade had their first game of “Science Basketball”. This is something I made up (though I am sure other teachers have done this before) where students have to answer Science questions in order to take a shot at the basket. Today, it mostly had to do with elements, their symbols and atomic numbers. I even got to take a few free throws. I think I might have made one… I don’t remember!

Mr. Votto addresses the school at the Character Counts assembly.

Grade 1 Art Work


They actually made these last year but they were so good, I thought I would show them!

So…grade 6 continues to explore the world of volcanoes. Today the learned about the viscosity of lava and how it depended on its silica content. They can also differentiate between pahoehoe and aa types of lava. Next week we’ll have a small volcanic eruption using yeast, dish soap and peroxide. It should be fun. Next week in Social Studies-India!


Grade 8 continues to be wowed by the Constitution class that Mr. Votto is teaching. They have been learning about the different types of governments in the world. His experience and energy keep them focused and interested. Their periodic tables will be completed next week…photos to follow.

Grade 7 is beginning to explore our neighbors to the North, Canada. Today they learned about the economy and geography of the Atlantic provinces and saw some beautiful pictures of Nova Scotia’s scenery. They are also investigating the world of DNA. Today they learned about dominant and recessive alleles and how they factor into the passing on of traits from one generation to the next.

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!