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Veteran’s Day Ceremony

Veteran's Day Ceremony

Yesterday we honored our nation’s heroes at an afternoon ceremony. My sincerest thanks to all who participated. Karynn opened the event with an amazing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Our student council officersRory, Isabel, Kiarra and Darrell led the school in the pledge of allegiance while 8th graders Kyneijee, Jamilah and Jacob read their poems to the younger grades. My thanks also to Kevin, Jeremiah, Phylese and Dana for helping with the procession and Maame for reading a prayer for veterans. And the choir…sensational. They sang patriotic songs beautifully and with great enthusiasm. Their rendition of “Hero” was incredibly moving. Many thanks to them all and Mrs. Mehinovic for assisting with the planning of the ceremony. A special thanks to Mr. LaVache for his poignant words about the power of family and love. It was a stirring and memorable ending to the day.



Cleaning up oil spills

Our seventh graders work on cleaning up simulated oil spills. This Geography lab explored the dangers posed to our environment and demonstrated the challenges faced in cleaning up these terrible accidents.

Making Pizza!

Making Pizza!

So… it doesn’t have much to do with science…other than maybe physical science…thermodynamics, chemical reactions, acids and bases (tomato sauce, peppers) and life science…yeast making the dough rise, flour, vegetables…okay maybe it is Science. But what about Social studies?
Pizza was first mentioned in Latin texts from Gaeta, Italy in 997 AD.
The ancient Greeks had a flatbread which they topped with herbs, onions and garlic.
Tomatoes were brought to Europe in the 16th century and made their way to pizzas in the 18th century.
The first 2 named pizzas were the “marinara”, with just sauce and cheese was named for “la marinara”, sailor’s wives who made it for their husbands upon their return from the sea.
The “margherita” was named for visiting Queen Margherita. The tomatoes, basil ans mozzarella were the colors of the Italian flag.
The first pizzerias opened in America in the early 1900s with Lombardi’s in New York and Pepe’s in New Haven.
Pizza has regional variations with New Haven, New York and Chicago styles being the most well known.
There is also Greek pizza which is usually baked in a pan and has a chewier crust, much like focaccia bread.